5 Ways Attending A University Fair Will Help Your Application

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“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”, says renowned lawyer and educator, Derek Bok.

Derek led the prestigious Harvard University and devoted himself to bringing to a successful conclusion an ongoing review of undergraduate education in this major seat of learning.

To Derek’s credit, students now realize the importance of participating in various public-service programs which created more awareness about emerging issues around energy, environment, professional ethics and international security. For students aspiring to achieve awareness about the latest topics and potential streams, what better way to gain an understanding than attending university fairs? We list down five compelling reasons why you, as a student, should attend one.


  1. It’s not only about the fare in a career fair

Apart from meeting various prospective educational institutes and understanding a diverse range of courses that you can apply for at international varsities, you also get a chance to know more about the newest trends in the career market. Consider the instance when you see that a particular course like Data Science or Machine Learning has more students interested, then you would do well to check out more details about the course too! Ensure to attend the mostly free-of-charge seminars to enrich your perception about the various seats of learning and about the choices available to you.


  1. Meet and greet peers

Not only are educational fairs the right opportunity to meet prospective colleges and even employers, but also a great chance to network with your peers who may be attending as representatives of the varsities. They can double up as experts who may even help you understand both your strengths and areas where you need to work to create a more compelling profile that the university wouldjust love to interview!

We advise that you don’t underestimate the value of sharing ideas and information with other prospective students at the fair too. Who knows, you might find out about some unique courses or prep courses that you can take to enhance your eligibility


  1. Learn from others mistakes and successes

In an educational fair, you can easily secure counselling directly with the university leads and this can ensure that you create a strong SOP case before them when you meet them formally. Be sure to ask the wise folks about queries and doubts regarding admissions as well as eligibility criteria, work visas and permits, especially when it’s for pursuing higher education abroad. Moreover, during discussions with university representatives, do also attend talks and panel discussions from the universities as this will help in deciding which course to apply for or which country to study in, as well as giving you practical tips on how to put together a successful application.

Admission officers share what they look for when assessing applications, what common mistakes to avoid, and how to go the extra mile to make yourself stand out among others applying for the same seat in the university!


  1. Being right from the word-go

As anyone who has burnt the midnight oil around correctly updating admission forms realizes, preparing an admission application is a daunting process. Everything has to be in the right format, be it resumes, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose and these documents matter in highlighting your strengths and merits while turning your areas of weaknesses as areas of potential opportunity for the university or college of your choice. Therefore, with expert guidance available at most educational fairs, students can benefit from not only meeting career advisors but also industry experts who can advise them on how to as well as by when the applications should be submitted to potential universities. Being in sync with such expert advice can enable students to note the often stringent deadlines that universities impose as well as bring to the forefront the various options that one can avail of, when it comes to higher education.


  1. Explore new avenues of funding your pursuit of higher education

Finally, attending webinars and education seminars in an educational fair is an easy way to gather interesting and insightful information about various education finance options available in the market. Most likely, you will have to showcase proof of funds and also will need the money to care for basic human needs in the international varsity. A lot of players usually offer special schemes and options that many institutions tie-up with to attract talented and deserving candidates. The bottom line is that if you are interested in pursuing higher education courses but worried about funds, there is always help at hand and in multiple forms at educational fairs! You just need to look out for the right source.

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Last modified: April 26, 2018

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