Fall is Here, Let’s Gear Up!

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India, the world’s second largest country to send students for global studies, is looking up positively in the coming season. 

It’s that time of the year which you, as a student dreaming of enrolling into one of the best colleges in the globe, wish to knock the admission windows to begin your journey of career fulfillment.

Cheer up, the ‘Fall Season 2018’ is here!

The effort you’ve put in for scoring higher in GRE/TOEFL, writing SOP, doing research findings and getting recommendations is beckoning ahead for a kick-drive. Most colleges have started inviting applications for Fall Season. Cheer up and gear up!

But, are you wondering if you are eligible to apply for those high-rise monumental colleges or institutes that we often see either in cinema or videos. Or, are you simply worried whether you can afford those college fees, which may go up to 30L-40L. Or you are too conscious of living the ‘American’ lifestyle, being an ‘Indian’ at heart?
Let’s make it simple for you. First things first, never ever dream too small. As we all know, the bigger you dream, the bigger effort you have to make. Neither should you underestimate your cultural learning which could be an attraction as part of global exchange.

Before you start exploring the best ranked colleges for MS programs in US or in any part of the western world, start doing some soul-searching. Ask and repeatedly ask yourself where is your heart lying, which subject/s excites you more than anything else. Is it Robotics Engineering, Bioinformatics or just Film Studies? Once you’re approved by your heart, then start listening to your brain. Find out which colleges basis the criteria below:

  • College Ranking/Recognitions
  • Tuition Fees
  • Climatic Conditions
  • Cost of Living
  • Job Opportunities
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Scholarships/Grants
  • Professors’ Profile
  • Curriculum Overview
  • Placement Facilities
  • Side-Earning Opportunities

And one more contemporary factor is, can you really start up something after your college studies? It’s just a factor to motivate your inner calling. That fascination of becoming a young millionaire is booming around.
Have you searched on portals like Yocket, Grad School Finder or edulix? Go and find out, you may findyour connecting dots to your favorite university. And read deeply about their courses, research projects, job prospects, professors and university campus details. Write to a few alumni, seek the positivity and separate out the negativity, and then weigh out probable chances of getting through the selection.

You would surely know that US is popular for Computer Science & New-age Analytics and so is Germany for Automobile Engineering. Likewise, France is for Fashion Design, the UK for Accountancy & Psychology, Italy for Arts and so on.

Pursuing a course in a bigger city like New York, Chicago or London will of course come with obvious handy opportunities, such as easy job hunting, easy traveling, banking access, nightlife, shopping and cultural enhancements and medical facilities. Whereas, smaller cities offer you more peace with an added advantage of providing you time to plan your studies/research.

Once you’ve applied to right colleges, don’t sit back if you’re short of funding your fees. No problem, if you come from a middle class family. Just write to some banks or educational NBFCs who can give you educational loans at the most economical rates @ 12-15%. In fact, NBFCs are not only fast and furious to fund your tuition fees, but they will also be happy to finance your migration fees, air-travel fees, hostel fees, term expenses and all validated costs that are related with your course. These days, a large number of students coming from so-called middle-class or economically weaker sections are opting for such loans, with the firm objective that they will repay it within next 2-3 years once they get to earn in dollars or western currency.

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from a corner village side of India; all you have to remember and be proud of is your learning capabilities for language. Westerners welcome people with openness and frankness. Take small walks, eat meals, go party with them, study together, take a trip with them, and you’re all set to become a local. At the same time, you must learn the law of the land to make sure of your rights as a foreign student.

Don’t let the ‘Fall Season 2018’ go away without gifting you what you’ve been dreaming of i.e. studying in one of the premier colleges. Explore. Innovate and create your own opportunities for getting enrolled into your passionate course, and let the cycle of surprises take you to new roads.

Take the right step towards achieving your dreams: http://bit.ly/GetReadyForTheWorld

Last modified: April 26, 2018

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