How To Write The Best SOP For MS

We know that writing a winning SOP can be complicated. We have deconstructed and demystified the ever-challenging SOP for you so that you can get into the Master’s program of your choice… 

Let’s start with the basics first. You need to keep in mind the general word limit, the format and the course you are writing for.Always keep this in mind.

1. List out everything that you wish to include.

Understand that a Statement of Purpose is going to be a long document. However, before you start writing, you need to think and prepare a list of all the things you would like to include in it. Be specific and quantify all your stories, providing all the important information needed to know about you. Use the power of numbers by using credible statistics and figures to authenticate the information you provide.

2. The theme of your SOP is important

Your SOP must have a theme. Don’t write it without any thought process. If you find this tough, simply start off with what was that one turning point in your life when you knew that taking up the MS program is what you had to do. This is what will get your thoughts and ideas flowing.

3. Take out the unwanted stuff

Once you are done writing, go back and start pruning it.After you have worked on the theme, you need to strike out instances that do not fit in. It is extremely important to know what to include in a SOP and more importantly what you should not include.

4. Do your homework well – read up about the course and the university

It is always a great idea to learn not just about the course and university that you are applying to,but also about its culture, faculty members, alumni and success stories. This will help you customize your SOP and sync your goals with your chosen path.Remember that a thorough research about the program is highly appreciated by international universities and will take you a step closer to getting into your dream university.

5. Write, edit and proof check

Never ever submit your first draft. It is extremely important to write it once and re-visit it several times until you are sure it is perfect. You may not want to have three or four edits, but at least one or two is absolutely essential. Even if the story and thoughts don’t change, the vocabulary and basic punctuation need to be checked. Also, it is best to go through the SOP that you have written again after a few days. You will be able to look at itwith fresh eyes and find something else you would want to include, remove and finalise it.

Remember these pointers, follow them well and we bet you won’t go wrong with your SOP! All the best!

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Last modified: April 27, 2018

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