Educating Women Is No Less Than Empowering A Nation

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“If you truly wish to transform the growing society, then you have to constantly educate and empower the abilities of women.”   

Aaradhana Sharma, 28, on touring her village school, was asked what was next in her kitty after seven years of dental practice in Mumbai.

Having come from a modest farming background, and winning tens of battles back home convincing family and disparaged villagers, Aaradhana is all set to fly to Ottawa this Fall Season 2018 to pursue her Master’s program in Dental Surgery.

But before gliding to another continent, she plans to kick-start a first-of- its -kind dental care centre in her village Jaunanagar, some 150 kms from Kanpur, to be solely run by all-woman staff. Her humble journey of becoming a dentist happened accidentally. After securing highest marks in her higher secondary, she was selected for Medicines & Surgery. However, she was determined to become a dentist to help her villagers, who used to travel down 3-4 hours to a nearby town for medication.

Aaradhana can’t thank her stars enough for being able to pursue what she has always yearned for, and feels relieved to be able get help from one of the best education loan providers. While many of her colleagues doubted their own belief on whether to take education loan or not, she took the bold step and chose the right education loan financer. Not only her course tuition fees of Rs 28 Lakh got financed upto 100% but she would also be disbursed with all education related fees/charges including air fare, campus & project fees, personal expenses et al.Having no collateral security or not maintaining a big amount as her bank balance had never daunted her ambition.

What next?

She has almost become a role model for the girls in her village, who were not only scared of going abroad but were also concerned of getting such a big amount for higher studies and would get worried just by the thought of repaying the same.

There are hundreds of Aaradhanas in India who are setting big examples for others as stepping stones, motivating each other, in making a better society through committed efforts from both ends.

In fact, there are responsible education loan financing NBFCs too in the market which are on a task to transform the education ecosystem in the society. Few sagacious players are happily celebrating Women’s Day and extending best offerings to promote girls’ education, even by taking a hit on their business.

Other than education loan, Scholarships or Fellowships are the best way forward for the exceptionally well and committed students. Scholarships including – Anita Borg Memorial, Santoor Women’s, Lady Meherbai D Tata Education, SSGC under Pragati, Fair & Lovely Foundation, Prabha Dutt Fellowship, Udaan program, KSCSTE Pratibha, Maulana Azad National for young women in Science and L’Oreal India et al are there for the deserving ones.

For many years, Indian girl students have been benefited with absorbing one or other programs and moved ahead in taking new strides as challenges. These opportunities are created to support and promote culture, ideas, innovation, application of mind and bettering overall society’s outlook.

India has sent over 5.5 lakh students in 86 countries for higher studies, two-third of which are in US, Canada and Australia. The number of girl students aspiring to go abroad is rising. Interestingly, a large portion is coming out from neighboring villages, where the panchayat or rural administration is gradually accepting girl child education. Probably, that’s what is making it more interesting.

Females are more open for change, are intuitive and get easily acclimatized to new environment. They’re far more comfortable in adapting with the changing cultures for the better. Studying abroad is all about being prepared for anything, and not knowing what to expect.

Interestingly, some colleges even state the changes in lifestyle as a reason for female students faring much better overseas in extreme conditions. They’re quite focused, more elaborate and welcoming than anything else. More importantly, the drop-out ratio of females is quite lower than males, unless it is being forced upon them.

Last modified: April 26, 2018

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