Your 5 Top Questions, Before You Go To Germany To Study, Answered

For a foreign student, Germany is perhaps one of the best options when it’s time to pick a country to study in. It offers benefits like a wide choice of study options, affordable living and studying costs, funding opportunities, and the high living standards of a developed nation. But what do you think is the actual experience of living a foreign student’s life in Germany like?

To offer you a glimpse, here are a few bits of information that will help you prepare.

  1. How are the people in Germany?

Within universities in Germany, you will find that the staff is friendly and doing their best to help foreign students feel comfortable in their new surroundings. As a matter of fact, many universities have special services for newcomers which help you out with all formalities you need to complete.

There’s no reason to expect anything different outside the colleges as well, even though there’s a myth that German people aren’t usually the friendliest lot. While Germans are largely serious and reserved as individuals, they will not mind helping someone out. Just don’t expect a smile in return.

  1. What’s the common vibe at a German university?

With students coming from all over the world, German universities largely have a multicultural atmosphere. It’s a place where you will make friends with not only Germans, but people from other nationalities too.

In terms of studies and style of teaching, you get exactly what you expect from Germany, which is a systematic and detail-oriented approach. Tardiness is frowned upon and assessments are meticulous. While hard work is expected, the rewards are worth it, since you receive valuable education which will guide you towards a flourishing career.

  1. Is the language barrier difficult to overcome?

At colleges and universities, language isn’t much of a barrier since just about everyone is proficient in English. As far as the average German is concerned, it varies from place to place. In large cities such as Berlin and Munich, most people speak great English. But in smaller cities, people lean more towards the native language on a conversational level. So if you are going to be studying in a small city, picking up the basics of the German language is a good idea.

  1. How are the living options and costs in Germany?

While German universities try to accommodate all students, the high influx of foreign students usually causes the on-campus accommodation to run out soon. That’s why about 30-40% of international students prefer to live in leased residences. When it comes to living expenses, students spend a large part on housing, so finding a good accommodation is important. A good idea is to contact the student union on the campus to get help to rent a room as soon as possible.

The overall expenses run into an amount of 850 to 1,300 Euros per month, including accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment activities.

  1. How is the social scene in Germany?

The large cities in Germany are full of bars, clubs, and restaurants. The festivals, concert and social event scene is quite lively too. So there is always something to do. Universities too pay attention to a student’s social well-being and organize numerous events where students are offered the chance to join various clubs, participate in sports, and revel at parties. If history is your thing, Germany has a rich collection of museums and castles.

Germany as a country is quite dedicated to being the beacon of opportunity for foreign students. They have been repeatedly listed as one of the best countries to go to fulfill one’s foreign education aspirations. Auxilo too works with the same aim, of helping a student achieve their dreams, since we do not believe in simply being a good option, but the best option.

Last modified: October 15, 2018

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