Tips to Beat Stress While Preparing for GMAT

Preparing for an important test like GMAT is undoubtedly a stressful period for a lot of people. There’s so much riding on the test’s results that being anxious is completely normal. As a matter of fact, a tiny amount of stress may actually prove beneficial as it makes people more focused and pushes them to work harder.

However, there’s a huge difference between motivating stress and paralyzing stress. Every year sees a number of people who have signed up for GMAT, back out at the last moment because they are unable to handle the pressure.

So in case you feel that you are someone who cannot handle the stress, our advice for you is to take some time out and go through some of these tips which will help you lower your stress before the big test.

  1. Understand the purpose of GMAT and what the tests actually test

Your first step needs to be to ignore all the horror stories about GMAT and understand what the test is about. You need to understand that GMAT merely evaluates verbal and mathematical skills from middle school and high school level. There is nothing on the test that you haven’t seen before, though a few years may have passed since you last saw it.

Try to attend a free GMAT information session. Search online and you may find out a free event happening near you. There you will be made to understand how the exam and each of its sections work. If you are lucky, you may get to attend a session by an expert GMAT instructor, so it’s a great place to separate myth from fact.

  1. Attempt a mock test before you get into the actual test prep

It’s an age old strategy; before you start preparing for a battle, try and find out what you are up against. It works for GMAT too. Attempt a mock exam before you start the prep to get a glimpse of what lies ahead. Mock exams help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to determine your baseline score and there it won’t have anywhere for it to go but up.

This method will also help you chart out a more effective study plan since you will know where you stand in terms of quant and verbal. It will help you save time and eventually reduce stress.

  1. Chart out a study plan that works for you

Following a preparation plan that was made for someone else is a fool’s errand. While hearing about other people’s experiences is helpful, using the same model for yourself may not be as effective for you as it was for someone else. Focus on your habits and goals.

A mock exam will shine a light on exactly which topic and areas you need to focus on the most. It will help you set a real goal for yourself and chart a path towards achieving it.

  1. Sign up for GMAT workshops

GMAT workshops serve as a great confidence-booster while preparing for your tests. Getting expert advice may allow you to approach a problem from a completely new perspective and offer an easier solution. You can get your questions answered, learn new techniques to solve problems, and get a chance to meet like-minded people who can help you prepare.

Following these tips may not end your anxiety, but will definitely help you reduce the stress that comes with preparing for GMAT. So following these steps can actually help you approach the tests with a calm mind with no worries. Which also applies to choosing a finance partner for your student loan, since you don’t want any stress there either. And that is why you should not just pick a good partner, but the best – Auxilo.


Last modified: October 15, 2018

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