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Students now are more informed about recent developments and opportunities available. They have dreams and are inspired to fulfil them, so financial constraints don’t hinder them in their pursuit for better education and careers. They want to be self-dependent irrespective of what the circumstances are.

BOTTOM LINE: They won’t give up on their dreams!

It’s always a pleasure to lend a helping hand to such young, enthusiastic individuals and turn their dreams into an achievable plan. It feels great to hear them say, #WeMadeIt!

The inspiring stories below are of students who made the choice of choosing a better life. They now serve as motivation for those wanting to fulfil their own dreams.

“I wanted to be self-dependent” – Harsh Diwecha

Harsh Diwecha wasn’t just curious to learn about Data Science, being independent in nature, he also did not want to take any financial aid from his father. This is why he turned to us for 100% funding. We took care of it, lifting the burden off his shoulders, thereby helping him fulfil his wishes.


“I didn’t know that my dream was going to get fulfilled this time without any stress with Auxilo.”- Trishala Joshi

Fulfilling dreams of aspirants like Trishala, with a ‘never give up’ attitude, is our motto! Even after being demotivated for an entire year because she couldn’t apply to her dream college, she never lost hope. At Auxilo, we see potential over anything else.



“Digital-media is booming!” – Rickashe

Rickashe studied the future and wanted to pursue digital media. He turned to us for help and we made his dream a reality. Our financial support will go a long way in helping him realise his professional goals.

“The experts of tomorrow in anything, were beginners yesterday” – Harsha Chhabri

Harsha secured admission to the ambitious University of Queensland (Australia) and when it came to the finances, she turned to Auxilo. Auxilo’s official disbursement and Sanction Letter helped her secure an Australian Student Visa in less than 3 days!



“Choosing Ireland sounds odd, but my choices and calculations were totally different.” – Saikiran Podduturi

Choosing a country that isn’t the USA was a hindrance while looking for an unsecured education loan provider. Fed up with the responses he got, he never gave in. At Auxlio, he got what he wanted and received the help he needed to enhance his career plans!


The best kind of feedback is when our customers say, #WeMadeIt! We are humbled that these and several other students chose us as their education loan partner and put their trust in us. This truly is a moment to celebrate and cherish, as these students not only embark on their own educational journey but also inspire others just like them.

Pro Tip: It’s never too late! Embark on your dream journey, we’ll handle the finances. #BeAUXsome


Last modified: September 5, 2018

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