GRE Preparation Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make!

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Scoring high in your GRE is of utmost importance for your foreign education plans. To ensure that you score high, a smart move would be to implement the absolute best practices while preparing. But equally important is that foresight to ensure that you do not commit any preparation mistakes either. It’s important to be careful, since even a single misstep can cause a huge difference in your future.

Listing the most common mistakes people make while preparing for GRE, so that you do not end up making one of them.

Improper study material

Using the right study material is the key to cracking any exam. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that you use the material that has been created by the best names in the market, even if it seems a bit expensive.

Starting too late

A number of GRE applicants are working professionals, for whom it has been a while since they last studied. For such people, it takes some time to get back in the rhythm of studying regularly. So if you belong to this category, it may be wise to start studying earlier than scheduled to avoid being cut for time during the end.

Ignoring the basics

It is never a good idea to think that if you tackle the hard part first, the rest will come easily. Never start focusing directly on the tough material and save the easy for later. Revising that basic fundamental of mathematics before jumping to the tough equations will serve you well in the long run.

Assuming quant will be easy


A common perception among people who attend GRE is that quant is easier in GRE than other exams. While this might be true in certain cases, lack of preparation can end up hurting your score. So once again, prepare adequately for mathematics to earn a good score.

Verbal isn’t only about vocabulary

Another one of the most common misconceptions is that doing well in the vocabulary department ensures a great score in the verbal section. Vocabulary obviously is very important, but other areas such as reading comprehension are equally important too.

Not utilizing practice tests efficiently

We cannot overstate the importance of GRE practice tests. As cited by almost everyone who appeared for these tests, practice tests are an important tool to keep an eye on how much you have improved. Always take them seriously, by ensuring that you complete each practice test in the stipulated time.

The above mentioned pointers speak about the most common mistakes GRE test givers have made in the past. So make sure you take extra precaution to avoid them, just like the precautions you take while choosing a finance partner for your student loan.

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Last modified: October 20, 2020

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GRE Preparation Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make!

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