How To Ace Your SOP?

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Applying to any university is as difficult as studying abroad; right from choosing the country to the course/ program to writing a personal summary essay.

Call it a summary essay or a study abroad essay or a SOP (statement of purpose), this write-up is important if you wish to ace it.

Why is it so important?

It is important because it can make or break your application. The university / program want to know about you. They would be interested to know the reason behind your decision of spending a semester, a year or years abroad.

What are the basic rules?

The basic rule is to know what has to be included and how to write it. Every SOP will differ, as the experiences would be different, along with your thoughts, ideas and aspirations.

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How do you write a perfect essay?

As intriguing as it sounds, there’s no reason to fret! Follow these tips to write an impressive essay/SOP:

Start brainstorming.

Why is studying abroad so important to you? What are you excited to see, do and eat abroad? Take some time to brainstorm and jot few things down that will help you in completing the task.


Create an outline. It helps!

Break down your essay and create an outline (the old school way)! By doing this, you will have a concrete brief in hand which will help you write a good essay.


Introduce yourself.

This is where you create your first impression! In one to two sentences, summarize who you are and why you want to study abroad. Add in bits and pieces that showcase your true self! They like that.


Support your introduction.

Support your introduction with an explanation. What triggered your decision of studying abroadWhat has brought you to this point? Tie in your course/subject with your dream or passion.


Get into the details.

Elaborate on the outline you initially created. Answer these questions:

  • why should you be studying abroad,
  • what do you plan on gaining from studying there,
  • how will it benefit you as a person,

Tie the answers to your long term goal!


Be smart!

Here’s where you will have to prove your worth. Why should they accept you? Why are you a good fit for the chosen course? Be sure to answer such questions.


The punch line.

Pack a punch in your concluding sentences. Tie in your introduction information (don’t repeat yourself) all together in your final concluding section.


Check. Re-check!

Proofread it as many times you want. You might want to tweak it with another thought. We recommend proofreading the essay the very next day or after a big break, with a fresh mind. You can also get it checked by a third person to give you a better perspective.


Remember that your SOP is not a resume; and you cannot write it in a day. Take your time and prepare because writing is a process. Last but not the least, at all times be honest in what you’re putting down in your SOP!

Last modified: December 2, 2019

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