Want To Study Abroad? Make The Most Out Of Your Diwali Holidays!

Study Abroad

Diwali vacations are almost here. Some have holidays planned, while some have tons of other work to catch up on. Some even plan on figuring out their study abroad plans.

Many students face the very famous ‘vacation paralysis’ which is then followed by ‘vacation withdrawal symptoms’.  This is common reason why talented students fail to make it to their dream college.

We say, act when the time is right!

Studying abroad needs proper planning. If you WANT to fulfill your dreams, you NEED to be committed in making that happen. Here are few non-academic ways to make the best out of your Diwali holidays:

Have you taken your entrance tests? If not, then this is the time to appear for your GRE or GMAT. Prepare yourself with the help of online mock tests, or tutorial videos to familiarize you with the test.

Do you have an all-round personality? If you don’t, start working on your extra-curricular profile to be an ideal student. Universities don’t prefer students skewed towards academic only. Maybe it’s time to bring back your your musical, sports, or writing talents.

Know about your target college in and out? If no, then know what is in store for you at your college of your choice. Is it what you always wanted? Is it the best option for you out there? Read student testimonials for first-hand experience.

Are you diligent on social media? Social media can help you make or break your story. Use your Diwali vacation to clean up unwanted stories and use this platform to pitch yourself as a worthy candidate.

What next? Once you’re back to the grind, you need to be in the same pace as you were during your vacation. Not as much, but somewhere on those lines. Find ways to do it before your holiday comes to an end.


Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it! If you are committed to the dream of studying abroad, you will most certainly succeed.


Culture and Festival are important!

Don’t forget that our culture make us who we are. If you plan on studying abroad, you are becoming the face of the country amongst your future circle. While balancing work and study priorities, don’t neglect Diwali. The family traditions and get-togethers during Diwali need to be cherished. Who knows you might just follow these festivities while you’re studying abroad, with your international classmates-cum-friends!

Last modified: November 2, 2018

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