Countries That Celebrate The Festival Of Light!


The festive feel is in the air. Exchanging gifts, feasting on traditional sweets and wearing new clothes are a part and parcel of this season.

#DidYouKnow Diwali is celebrated differently in different countries. The reason for celebration remains the same. It’s a time for both gratitude and gaiety.

Let us find out how differently Diwali is celebrated around the world:

Australia – A grand display of fireworks in Melbourne.

Indians in Australia celebrate Diwali publicly among local Australians. Federation Square hosts Diwali fairs with live music and traditional dances of India, art and crafts as well as a variety of Indian cuisines. The highlight is the spectacular fireworks displayed on the Yarra River.

It was ‘Celebrate India Inc.’ which had started the Diwali celebrations at the Federation Square in 2006.

Singapore – Streets are adorned by colourful flowers & lights.

In Singapore, Diwali is celebrated as a gazetted public holiday. Colourful flowers, buntings and lights transform the streets. You’ll find hues of gold and red filling up the streets.

Mauritius – Celebrations are about feasting and fun.

The Hindus along with non-Hindus celebrate this festival. In this multi-cultural island, celebrations are about family, friends, feasting, fun and fireworks!

Sri-lanka – Make way for games, singing and dancing.

In this island nation, celebrations include games, fireworks, singing and dancing. The festivities follow the Tamil culture of celebrating the festival.

Nepal – Diwali is commonly known as Tihar.

In Nepal, the festival is known as Tihar or Swanti. Though the celebrations are similar, the traditions vary from those followed in India. Animals are fed and then prayed to during this festival.

U.S.A. – Bigger cities hold a Diwali parade in some parts.

Many cities in the U.S.A. have a sizeable Indian community. Temples across cities host a Diwali night that sees priests performing customary prayers followed by a vegetarian communal dinner. Bigger cities in the U.S.A even hold a Diwali parade!

Malaysia – Host an open house party.

In Malaysia, ‘Open houses’ are held. Hindu Malaysians welcome fellow citizens of different races and religions to their house for a meal.

Japan – Celebrate Diwali in a unique way.

The land of the rising sun also celebrates Diwali (Deepawali).What’s so unique about Diwali in Japan? Here people go out into the orchards and gardens, and hang lanterns on the branches of trees.

Diwali, as a festival aims to bring people closer and knit the community in a tighter circle. #HappyDiwali


Last modified: November 5, 2018

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