How to choose right study abroad destination to ease your career navigation?

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Just because someone has taken a course in some country doesn’t really mean that you also should follow the beeline. Never work in those ways.

It’s your life, only you will know what your heart seeks out of it. So, plan well and explore for options and then zero-in for something that will give you value in the longer run.

There are thousands of courses around the world, but which country to choose is a tough question. Each country has its own set of possibilities and offers a range of attractions including – cool lifestyle, amazing work-life-balance, big fat salary, immigration options, permanent residence, nice weather, quality food and all.

But how to choose, either of them and on what basis? Here are a few pertinent considerations one should make before finalizing a country to study:

#1 Course planning

Never ever get swayed away by the looks of just swanky buildings of any institute or college. Rather look for a course that you wish to study, where your heart is. Course modules & description, faculty details, library facilities, credit scores, student’s history, learning methodology, individual contributions, internships or on the job training, language facilities, ethnicity and so on, need to be searched through before identifying one. If you can answer this question well as -why do you wish to pursue a course, rest all can be taken care of in the longer run. Also, make sure you’re okay with the weather conditions, geographical transitions, food habits, cultural settings, language learnings and you will be flexible enough to adopt a new region with welcoming nature.

#2 Cost affordability and ROI

It is generally said that your cost of course study should be paid-off within 3-5 years’ time post course completion. Studying an MSc or MBA program in US would surely cost you more than any other country, however, it may also give you employment opportunities once you complete with bright scores. If you’re planning for an education loan, then your responsibility towards it becomes more imminent. Along looking out for the best rates and easy availability of loan facilities, one should never ignore scholarships from various institutions/organizations. At the same time, the calculation should also be on what kind of employment opportunities after you finish the course or do part-time jobs while studying or find campus jobs. Find out from college placement data comparing it with market trends and look for how to get the best call for yourself. Return on Investment not necessarily gives you the immediate outcome, if your course has some real in-thing, it will surely pay you back with much bigger returns. Think that well.

#3 Past, present and future of Industry base

Never go for a course which does not have a relevant industry base in the region or country. It may not fully endear your demand out of it. What is important to consider is find out the past, present and future of the industrial base or employment facilities. For eg, if you’re pursuing Chemical engineering in some isolated land which may not have relevant industry base, you will certainly lose out on all occasions. Take smart observations on how industries are moving and where are they going. Look for industrial cities or regions which are closer to your course base, chances are that you may get immediate absorption.

#4 Visa regulation, Immigration & Family transition

The times are better today when Indian students are preferred everywhere with open arms. Thanks to our government initiatives. Even the visa regulations are not that tighter. But it’s equally important to know if your chosen destination gives you ample opportunity to plan for future and allow to apply for immigration or permanent residence after your course completion unless you don’t have such plans. However, you can’t ignore your family transition after a point in time, to identify regions that welcome the family with easy facilities.

#5 Value proposition


One of the most important things to understand is, if the degree of the chosen destination is considered highly back in India or in other countries. This perhaps will give you a little ease when in unfortunate economic conditions. The last few years have witnessed many such surprising events. But having a degree from a prominent institute will always benefit with significant value.

Last modified: February 21, 2019

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