THE World University Rankings 2019!

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If there was one event that aspiring students globally look forward to, it is the announcement of the updated Times Higher Education world university rankings! These rankings offer an indication of criteria used by students to evaluate universities on parameters including – teaching (the learning environment); research (volume, income and reputation); citations (research influence); international outlook (staff, students and research); and industry income (knowledge transfer). THE (Times Higher Education) has been providing reliable data on universities for young aspirants who would like to apply in seats of learning since 2004.

Previously conducted jointly with the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) system, THE moved into a partnership with one of the most respected media houses globally – Thomson Reuters in 2010 to offer a separate ranking list based on new set of assessing criteria which covered the above-mentioned parameters.

The rankings for the varsities have been conducted basis independent scrutiny from reputed professional services firm PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) and assesses the seats of learning on 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators.

Universities are only included in the list if they also teach undergraduates and data against the performance indicators is collected basis submission from universities directly. Additionally, to qualify for the rankings, universities should have had an average of 150 research publications every year for the last 5 years and the research should not be confined to just one area of the 11 subjects by more than 80%.

You can view their rankings methodology here:

Key parameters (performance indicators) Weightage assigned
Teaching – learning environment 30%
Research – volume, income and reputation 30%
Citations – research influence 30%
International outlook – staff, students and research 7.5%
Industry income – innovation 2.5%

Here are the results for THE’s world university rankings for the top 10 universities globally:

The prestigious- University of Oxford has retained pole position at no. 1 yet again in 2019 and the University of Cambridge too maintained 2nd position in 2019.

Meanwhile, Yale University was the only newcomer in the top 10 list jumping 4 positions to be ranked at no.8 in 2019.

WUR Rank 2019 WUR Rank 2018 University Country
1 1 University of Oxford United Kingdom
2 2 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
3 =3 Stanford University United States
4 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
5 =3 California Institute of Technology United States
6 6 Harvard University United States
7 7 Princeton University United States
8 12 Yale University United States
9 8 Imperial College London United Kingdom
10 9 University of Chicago United States

= indicates joint position

This was the largest ever compilation of varsities from THE as over 1200 universities from 86 countries including nations like Iraq, Nepal and Kazakhstan being represented for the first time. 20,000 academicians are a part of the ~1200 universities with over 1.2 crore research papers and nominations in 15 different languages were considered for this report. In terms of the overall rankings as well as for universities occupying the top positions, both US and the UK are well represented.

An impressive 49 universities from India found a mention in the THE rankings for 2019 with IISC – Bangalore topping the list of Indian educational institutes, making this seven more than 2018. Asian countries including Japan and China are among the best represented countries for the rankings but they fall behind European nations like Germany and the Netherlands for universities in the top 200.

The rankings help aspiring students who wish to pursue higher education opportunities abroad with the right information w.r.t. teaching standards, quality of research and level of innovation that is being encouraged by the universities. More-so, as most students require educational finance to achieve their dreams of moving to the next level, a favourable ranking of the university of their choice also enables them to secure funding easily from educational finance institutions.

Students can thus check out and chose the premier institutes of their choice based on subjects like engineering; computer science; business and economics; life sciences; clinical health; psychology; law; education; physical sciences; social sciences; and arts and humanities. Key statistics from THE World university rankings also provides a clear picture of the study environment and unique experience that students wish to gain from the higher seats of learning.

Last modified: October 27, 2020

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