Reasons Why Indian Women Should Study Abroad!

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The fact that Indian women who potentially took decisions to study abroad, in the recent past, are significantly doing well and have been recognised all over. Ascending the challenges of – personal safety & security, course funding, language barriers, cultural shocks, habitual differences, emotional support and staying alone – women have transformed their fears into opportunities. And the world has opened its arms with welcoming gestures. All the new-gen Indian women have to do is – Explore Next!

So, ladies, here is why you should take up abroad studies, to not just build your own life but transform the next generation as well.

  • Excel in your favourite subject: Gone are the days when just STEM courses were considered as fledgeling career options. Human sciences, sports & fitness, digital communication & film studies, finance & economics, fashion designing & arts and so on, are fast becoming the world’s next best career options. But, there are few or minimal options in India for subjects other than STEM. And more gruesome is, there are so many students chasing too few seats. That, in most cases, shatter the dreams of many aspiring minds. Rather, one should explore it through taking up courses in countries such as – US, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, anywhere in Europe, where there are too many colleges and easily available options to get admission.


  • Global exposure: You will certainly be dazzled to view and adapt new culture and lifestyle that is coming from various global citizens. As a student in foreign land, you will learn how to study, eat, talk, meet, make friends, be responsible to yourself and to the community that you’re a part of. Global cultures not only give you a sense of understanding their own languages, habits, behaviours or traditions but also makes you learn how to be humane in all situations.


  • Research horizons: It is no secret that the research opportunities, and their scholarship options, in developed countries – US, UK, Europe, are much higher than what India has. Colleges in these countries offer hi-tech equipment and infrastructure facilities to conduct in-depth research. Indian women also chose research options because of favourite climatic conditions, habitat, and geographic advantages in these locations. The concept of patenting is largely encouraging in these locations, where the individual research findings are celebrated or recognized with giving due respect. Perhaps, many women have opted to go for PhD or explore research options in their favourite subjects and later stayed on as faculty members in the same universities. A majority of the students even complete their research and apply for immigration ahead.


  • Transform your career growth: What may take you in just a year’s time, would take you in 10 years’ time. That’s the ladder up to the mantra. And recruiters prefer women with an overseas degree, who is determined and ready for leadership. An MBA degree from a prestigious institution in the UK/US is definitely a great advantage over a degree earned from the home institution. An international degree also commands a better pay-package in most cases and an enhanced promotion, depending on the need of the job role.


  • Establish, who you are: Many women who have travelled abroad for studies have found out themselves well and have established their own identity through a personality transformation. Expressing your inner-self, taking up new challenges, following passions, merging into new cultures and languages, learning new foundations, all these give you an opportunity for soul-searching. You become stronger while you are chasing peace within you.


  • Start-up your Glocal: (global touch + local flavour) Global concepts, practices, approaches and facilities make you learn how to develop a local problem into a global solution. That being said, you would be thrown upon many challenges from writing a small concept to leading a big project in your college studies, and your notion of managing small to big issues would develop wider entrepreneurship skills in you. So, start new.


As per government estimates, more than 7.5 lakh Indian students take up overseas road to study their choice of students, out of which one-third is females. The government has been spending a large in promoting girl-child education, only to encourage and fulfil the nation’s objectives of ‘empowering women’.

Last modified: June 24, 2019

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