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“When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous” – By Michelle Obama

It stands so true. And the girl students in India are truly making this country proud by taking up their own choices of education. Communities, institutions, organisations have shown enough, over the recent years, faith upon the fairer gender to make their own choices. More so, a significant number of women-centric overseas and domestic scholarships have been made available by many institutions to give the girl students a fair outlay to live up to their dreams.

Here is a list of scholarships, meant especially for women, so that they can plan well in advance for the year and start applying to grab them up.

– The University of Dundee, Scotland, offers scholarships, especially for women, to study post-graduate courses in STEM The scholarship award can go up to £10,000, and the deadline to apply is May 15, 2019.

– Southern Cross University announced its International Women scholarship in STEM and Environment, Science, Engineering, Health and Human Sciences. The scholarship award may go up to $5000.

– The Victoria University of Wellington offers scholarships for pursuing a thesis in Masters in all fields of study. The scholarship shall be of the value of $4000 and the application deadline is 31, October 2019.

– Monas University provides scholarship to pursue a Masters in Law International with a scholarship value of up to Australian Dollar 20000 and the deadline is October 20, 2019.

– British Council has launched the second edition of its 70th Anniversary scholarship program for Indian women to pursue a Master’s program in STEM in UK. The scholarship program, valued at GBP 1 million, will most probably fund tuition for 70 Indian women to find and locate their own choice of university, as per their course and score, across UK. British Council investment in women scholars primarily supporting the Indian focus on women aspirants.

– The MMMF South Africa grants have been offered to women from developing countries like India, where the award can go up to $4000, with showcasing good score throughout.

– The non-profit Schlumberger Foundation provides support for women in science and technology education, for pursuing PhD or post-doctoral studies in STEM areas, with granting amount of up to $ 50000 per year.

– The American Association of University of Women offers 7 different types of grants and fellowships for women who want to study in the US in the fields of architecture, computer science, engineering and mathematics.

– Grace Hopper Scholarships for graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science, IT, MIS, Maths, Physics, Human Sciences, Computer interaction and Electrical engineering.

– Google Anita Borg Scholarship encourages women participants to showcase interest in computer science and computing program. The scholarship program provides a grant up to $10000 to pursue the entire studies.

– Adobe India women technology scholarship aims at bringing women in engineering and technology domain, and the scholarship benefits provide the cost of tuition fee, training facilities, collaboration with other universities.

– La Trobe University, Australia, announces premium scholarships for Indian girls students to support the economically weaker sections of people, with providing support in tuition fees, establishment fee, a stipend to cover living expense payment for other charges.

– Inlaks Research Grants assist students pursuing their respective PhD degrees in subjects of humanities and social sciences from Indian universities.

– The Banting post-doctoral fellowships program provides funding to bright girl students which cover tuition fees, research fees, travel expenses.

– The Goa Education Trust scholarship provides girl students to undertake postgraduate study in the academic field in the UK that covers tuition expenses and general education cost.

– Chevening scholarships are provided by the Foreign Commonwealth Organization for students to pursue Masters or specialised courses.

Other than these scholarships, there are various trust bodies who provide grants or fellowships from India, to help students from various communities that generally takes care of education expenses.


Disclaimer – The information provided is sourced and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we do not accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccurate information.

Last modified: June 24, 2019

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