The art of economics can transform your dynamics!

It is no secret that the most coveted position to run a reputed institution is mostly held by few top-notch economists. Have you always been fascinated to know why and how demand vs supply plays an important role in extracting economic concerns? Then, economics is the subject you should master it.

Master the art of Economics at LSE

Students from humble background have mastered the art of this social science and created history for themselves. Do you know what’s common between Prof Amartya Sen, Dr Manmohan Singh, Dr Raghuram Rajan and Urjit Patel? They’re all pass outs of – the London School of Economics, of UK, the hotspot destination in the world to pursue a basic or advanced degree in Economics.

The graduate or postgraduate students of LSE are the most celebrated professionals across the world with leading top positions. LSE has a reputation to produce some of the most famous nobel laureates, investment bankers, academicians, policy changemakers and analysts.

The study of Economics, which carries important and special recognition in today’s times, prepares oneself to understand the foreseeable future of any given economic condition basis the study of demand and supply factors.

Why UK?

UK or London is nothing short of a dream for most Indians and the institute itself has so much to offer if one makes use of resources available. The multicultural environment shapes develop a global perspective that will make one learn to broaden mindset in accepting religious, background, education, race, financial diversity and cultural diversity.

And the good news is, recently, the UK government has planned to welcome again a large number of Indian students, as a result of fall out in the number of foreign students due to Brexit impact, who can come for study and live in the country for a longer period.

Start your application now

So, what are you waiting for? Start searching for your specialisation in economics out of the choices and start shooting your application with a rational approach. This prominent college usually offers graduate (three years) and postgraduate (one year) degrees to make students learn the advanced level of – micro & macroeconomics, public finance, government & international relations, sociology and management. Most Indian or students around the world prefer to pursue one year – M.Sc. in Economics, perhaps, that gives them an edge over others to make a career jump.

Students can take up a specialisation in – environmental & climate change, econometrics, public & economic policy, private equity among others in the long list.

How to crack it

Of course, it isn’t easy to crack the exams to get an admission, but it isn’t that tough with a well-crafted application supported with the following:

  • GRE score: more than 680, TOEFL: 6-6.5 +
  • Academic record: AA+
  • Two recommendations: detailing co-curricular and volunteering experiences
  • Resume: work experience with I-bank, consulting, govt holdings
  • Statement of purpose: self-driven experience to project your candidature

Indian students are considered as sharp, intelligent and innovative in UK, so the institute prefers to call students who have already demonstrated perfect signals of understanding the subject and can bring some difference approach of learning the nuances.

If you are short of funds to finance your course, you can look out for Auxilo Education Loan and enjoy fastest loan sanctions, 100% funding and many more such benefits!

Last modified: April 1, 2019

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