Time to make a big career out of your sporting spirit!

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Isn’t all study and no play make life too boring?

Yes, indeed, it is. Then, how about simply doing leisure to play all the time.
“Quite interesting” for many, who opted for Sports & Leisure Management courses abroad in the last few years.

Sports & Leisure as a thriving career option!

In the advent of scores of sports events, league competitions, musical concerts, food festivals, boot camps, cultural carnivals and so on across the world in the last few years, the need for specialists or professionals to manage the show well has given birth to new-age courses like – Sports & Leisure Management. And it’s doing wonders around the world.

Institutions across the world have realised the importance of Leisure and Sports Management courses and are offering graduate & postgraduate degrees, mostly in US, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong & Australia, which are largely considered as the hub of mega events & world-class activities. The course includes an in-depth study of Hospitality Management, Sports & Event Management, Leisure & Tourism Marketing, Art & Culture Management, Attraction Management, Behavioural & Communication Management, Celebrity Management.

However, one may plan to specialize in any of the aspects including – sports teams & centres, hotels & resorts, events, adventure tours & travels, celebrity firms. At the same time, one can also explore more on issues like – economies & the environment, tourism policies & its impact, supporting heritage & cultures, personality & community building. The colleges also encourage students to plan their own venture after completing the course.

The top 10 colleges offering Leisure management are:

1. University of Nevada, Las Vegas, US
2. Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland
3. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK
4. University of Surrey, UK
5. Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland
6. Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland
7. Swiss Hotel Management School, Switzerland
8. Bournemouth University, UK
9. Cornell University, US
10. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, US

Course Details

Usually, the graduate degree varies between three and four years, depending on the country or region, whereas postgraduate takes one or two years. Students generally learn the specialities through a combination of class lectures, seminars, workshops, group classes, case studies and conclude it with hands-on training or internship.

The cost of the graduate course may go up to Rs 10- 15 lakh depending on the destination. However, one may have to invest close to Rs 15-20 lakh if it’s in UK, 12-18 lakh in Switzerland and Rs 25-30 lakh in US respectively.

Students-turned-professionals who have taken up such similar courses in recent years have shared that the total cost of the course can easily be covered within 3-4 years if one can get a job in a major region like – Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, Europe or any other hotspot destination, where world events are happening in a big way.

Job opportunities

Interestingly, sporty students are making it big either by joining the demanding organisations like- sports & marketing firms, broadcasting channels, hotels & hospitality groups, sports league teams, organizing committees, celebrity managing firms, travelling channels or firms, with a fat salary or starting up on their own with an enterprising idea. One can take up as one of the options including – event Manager, carnival specialist, leisure coach, sports development officer, hosting lead, event planner & designer, grounds officials.

So, be it managing a sports centre or organizing an adventure holiday, or coordinating a major exhibition or a fashion show, you can rock-on all of these and call your shots with your inherent communication abilities and people management skills. Other than these essential skills, a student learns the tactics of mastering the art of Imagineering, project development, concept building to perfectly craft and manage an event, juggling multiple tasks and challenges, staying calm under pressure and always plan new things, being on the feet.

Last modified: June 24, 2019

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