Which are the immigration friendly countries for Indian students?

As many as 7.5 lakh Indian students are studying abroad, 30% alone in the US followed by Canada and Australia, with a hope to make their fortunes. Are you still thinking?

Well, the data by the Ministry of External Affairs, also suggests that Indian students have not been shying away from pursuing new-age courses. At the same time, they’re well concerned about boarding flights to right destinations where admission processes, visa regulations, living expenses, work permit, lifestyle and weather conditions are appreciable. If you’re one of them who’s likely to plan your dream course this year, here is a list of immigration friendly countries that will help you build your choice.

#1 Canada – Canada, the second-largest country in the world, welcomes Indian students encouraging higher studies in almost every field- engineering & technology, social sciences, medicines, humanities and sports with providing excellent research facilities through its more than 100 universities in the country. It is being touted as the safest and healthiest countries in the world, to pursue employment opportunities and business ventures after completing studies. Canada’s immigration friendly post-graduation work permit program (PGWPP) has attracted as many students across the world that gives them 3-year work-permit to complete studies and take up the profession of their own choice, and after six months they can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

#2 United Kingdom – There is good news for all students who have zeroed in the UK for their education destination this year or next. The British government is working on hard to welcome a number of foreign students, mostly Indian, with making the post-study program more flexible than earlier which saw a drop in the number of students intake. The Government is considering an attractive post-study program that will allow students to work in UK for two years after completing their respective course and that the immigration rules would facilitate and encourage to study in the country at multiple levels. UK was one of the hotspot destinations in the late 90s or early 2000s when a large influx of students made it their second homes. It is mainly known for management, accountancy, economics, humanities and social sciences courses.

#3 Australia – Australia is a home to over 1,200 institutions dotted across its region, offering over 21,000 courses in various disciplines making it one of the best study destinations of the world. The last 7-8 years have seen a major influx of Indian students in this land of Kangaroos. Mainly because it offers safety, similar weather conditions, food and travelling habits and picturesque beauty it showcases. The easy, cost-efficient and simpler immigration policies attracts many Indians to pursue higher studies and stay long post-study program facilities. The employment opportunities mostly in accountancy, management, sports, humanities, infrastructure and technology are in abundance.

#4 Germany – The automotive engineering capital of the world, Germany offers more than 19,000 courses mostly in engineering & technology, humanities, social sciences and medicines through its 500 institutions. The application process for Indians applying for Germany Student visa will have to follow the processes that is quite different than other European countries. It allows you to apply for a student visa even without a letter of acceptance from your host university. A student can enter the country with only a student applicant visa and stay in for 3 months to finalise university applications, and can even apply for extension of it to authorities if need be.



Last modified: August 9, 2019

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