Studying Overseas has a Global Bilateral Relationship

Study Abroad

Pursuing education abroad is a great way for students to expand borders to understand the world differently. Not only do Indian students studying abroad have the opportunity to learn different languages, cultures, and lifestyles, but they are also allowed to create long-lasting relationships and business partnerships with a different region of the world.

Why Indian People Pursue Graduate School Abroad

With governments like the United States and Canada who have friendly acceptance policies for students who are looking to extend their college studies, the appeal to an Indian resident looking for acceptance to a college is almost obvious when broken down into motives. For example, the economies in the United States and Canada are some of the largest in the whole world, making it favorable for Indian students to complete their graduate programs as they can study at a reputable school while being allowed to make an income at the same time.

The Facts and Numbers About Indians Who Study Abroad

According to Forbes, over 123,000 Indian students were studying outside of the country making it a leading country with the highest number of students overseas. The fact that English is the language of education in India makes it that much easier for Indian students to have a good experience studying in countries where the majority of the population speaks English. What are the job opportunities? Because acquiring a student visa from countries like the United States, for example, the Indian student is the perfect candidate for job opportunities in specialized areas like:

Data analytics

Software engineering


Basically anywhere there is a shortage of talent in the receiving country. To give you an idea of the advantages for the Indian student, the average salary of a person with a Master’s degree in the United States is somewhere between 70 and 80 thousand dollars per year, while the same salary for the highly educated in India is 4.5 lakhs.

Education Abroad Has a Good Impact

One of the main reasons for studying abroad is great for all parties is because it makes a good impact on the world as a whole. For example, an advantage for an Indian student to study abroad would be the fact that studies in India focus more on the core basics of education, including technology, science, mathematics, and engineering without branching out much further; so the Indian student who does study abroad can find a subject or major they like to study in a foreign country that isn’t available to them in their country. On the other end of the spectrum, the receiving college gets to reap the benefits of having a foreign-based student clientele to work with. Other notable countries that are a good prospect for an Indian student are England, Germany, New Zealand.

Weighing Options Due to Price

Education oftentimes costs money, so that is also a major factor for certain students who do not have sponsorship easily available. Germany comes in for being one of the cheapest options, as well as New Zealand is a more reasonable price compared to the United States, England and Canada which have higher tuition costs for foreigners according to School Apply.

What Have We Learned?

The most important goal in education is achieving the success of learning something new. Just like a study abroad student or Indian students studying abroad have to adapt to changes like a new language or different customary practices, this is a phenomenon that helps bring the world together as a whole. Learning is fun! The ultimate thrill of study abroad is that it allows the student to escape from the classroom and enter a whole new world and the next level of learning. One thing is sure; study abroad is the way to learn.


Last modified: October 27, 2020

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