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Studying and living in a new place abroad is one of the most exciting parts of a student’s life. However, for many international students, finding an ideal place to live in can be a bit tricky. But if it’s the UK, then students do not have to worry. The UK is known to be one of the most preferred areas for Students for quality education, exciting living and a lot more.

Situated on the northwestern coast of the European mainland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, “The UK” is not only known for its historical culture, tradition, and prominent nightlife but also for its education system and universities. The UK also dwells to 170 education institutions with a unique range of degree courses spread all around the major cities of London, Leicester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Glasgow, Birmingham Sheffield, Manchester, and many more.

Almost around 40-60% of foreign students every year, the UK has captured a significant part of the educational field. With such a large number of universities and students, the student accommodation options in the UK are also blooming year by year.

On-Campus Accommodation


If you are a newbie and desire to go near the University, away from chaotic streets, then, in that case, University halls are the best suitable option for you. However, note that this option is comparatively more expensive than the other options. These types of accommodation are more convenient as a student finds it easy to commute to University.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Private hall or Off-campus student accommodation means an apartment/ hall which is rented and shared among all the residents/ students with an attached common kitchen and bathroom.

Private housing refers to renting out a whole house/ apartment to yourself. This might be the best option if you prefer having a place all to yourself. This is the most cost consuming accommodation options among all the others.

It is also noted that across the United Kingdom, there is a massive demand for PBSA. Full-time student numbers outstrip the current PBSA bed spaces by the ratio of 3:1. While universities account for over 69% of the present PBSAs, they are increasingly relying on the private sector to provide housing for their students. In the past five years, the percentage of full-time first-year students opting for private purpose-built student accommodation has gone up from 22% to 30%.

Being in a foreign country takes a lot of preparation. You should be well prepared with all the Do’s and Don’ts which would be helpful for you before living in a foreign country.

Packing Essentials

Being the first time for most of the new students away from home, things might be pretty challenging to decide which essentials you need to pack, and which to leave behind! But don’t worry, cause we’ve put together the ultimate checklist of EVERYTHING you need to pack, right from clothing and bedroom essentials to stationary and miscellaneous stuff, all without overpacking.


Though all these might seem tedious, DO NOT forget to carry them along. Keep all the documents together in a safe and secure file.

  • Valid Passport/ID
  • Acceptance letter of University
  • Accommodation contract and documents
  • Passport photos (preferably 4-5)
  • Insurance documents
  • Details of your Bank with the bank statement (might be used to prove your home address)
  • Bank debit card
  • Student Finance documents
  • NHS medical card
  • Visa information
  • Medical prescription


You would have most likely figured out which clothing items you want to take along with you. Even so, we have jotted down a few extra essentials that you might have forgotten about.

  • Night-wear clothing- Pyjamas, nightshirt, and nightgowns
  • Lightweight jumpers
  • Casual clothing with shorts, t-shirts, jeans.
  • Rain jacket
  • Winter Coat
  • Extra 5-6 pairs of underwear and socks
  • Partying clothes
  • Trainers
  • Gloves, scarf, and hat for according to the weather
  • A good pair of shoes and slippers
  • Gym bag
  • Backpack
  • A set of formal clothing for interviews and presentations.

Accommodation issues

Finding a budget-friendly student accommodation:

Finding accommodation that fits your budget in a new city is one of the significant challenges in itself. And with London being known for its high rentals prices, finding a perfect student accommodation in the U.K. which would not only tick all your requirement boxes but would also fit perfectly into your budget could be quite a task.

Solution: It is essential to read the documents before signing. You should always ask for documentation and read them carefully before signing them. Do not blindly trust people.


According to a study by NUS (National Union of Students), almost around 70% of newcomers go through Homesickness during University days. It might be sly to stay in your room away from the world in your little haven, but lingering in and isolating yourself for too long will only make your feeling more intense. Not getting good grades in studies or fear of failure can also be some more reasons for it. It is necessary to get over depression.

Solution: having a walk around the garden, talking to friends, family, watching movies, treating yourself with your favourite food can be simple yet effective ways to get out of depression. You can also seek professional help in extreme cases.

Rental Frauds

Falling for short term rental scams:

Rental scams are one of the common and worst problems that many students face. While most of the international students are not fully aware of accommodation frauds, thus making them the most vulnerable ones with the risk of becoming a victim of a scam.

So how can one protect themselves and avoid being scammed by the hands of scammers?


Always let through legitimate and reputed short-term letting agencies/ platforms like Amberstudent¬†– South-East Asia’s largest student accommodation platform. Do not rent a place without actually visiting the site. Property posts could be delusive, so before rounding up on anything, it is always best to check out the property and place it in person. Before signing on the lease agreement papers make sure to read it carefully, be sure of the person whom you are agreeing with. If he/she is the true owner and whether or not he/she has the legal right to rent the place. Always consider a written lease agreement only. And before signing in the contract, always go through the agreement thoroughly.

Last modified: October 19, 2020

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