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As we rise to celebrate our nation’s biggest achievement to mark the 74th Independence Day, will we promise ourselves to retain and practice the value of ‘Freedom’!

A Nation, as we all know, can’t prosper unless each national become the part of the system and practice the values it has inherited from its founding fathers. To them, “Freedom was the only mission” to pursue and achieve for its future generation.

Today, the mission has just got bigger. Freedom, in the truest sense, needs to be felt within and pursue what you really want to. By doing so, you will not only help yourself but also contribute immensely to nation-building.

Your pursuit of happiness can be achieved when you start realizing your inner self. No matter what, it will only help and can go long, when you believe in yourself and continue doing what you really aspire to.

Freedom is the condition of being free from restraints and possessing the rights to express yourself. Technically speaking, ‘the power or right to act, speak or think as you want without any hindrance.’ It actually extends abilities to choose what your future will hold for, and be able to do as you want, live the life that you want, and finally to live where you want in the land of the free.

For someone, who is thrilled to build robots for the tech-world, getting him enrolled in medical is such a waste. Just like the second character in the film ‘3 idiots’, a wannabe wildlife photographer squanders in engineering. Gone are the days, when the so-called society can force or influence upon your study plans.

Its YOU, who will build what you are and what you can be.

Be ready to own up the consequences of what you decide for yourself and stay on, until you fulfil your own mission. Unless you feel from your within and develop guts to do what you want to, no one from outside will help you.

The moment you start taking decisions for yourself, you automatically start gaining self-confidence and feel more equipped toward problem-solving. Perhaps, you become ready to face any kind of challenges.

And this does not stop at you. Furthermore, you start inspiring others who just need a push like you. Your determination to be open-minded and respect for others along with the independence gained from developing life skills, can be linked toward changing the world and bringing more positivity to your surroundings and to the nation.

Start taking decisions for yourself. Make a choice. Start living in fulfilling the dream. Unless you give up, no one can stop you from pursuing your own choice of studies areas.

Look around. Find out, what you want. Have a gripping thought. Believe in the change you want to. If you plan and foresee what you really want from life in the next few years, then you must start working on it. NOW is the time.

Freedom can only be felt from – within.

Last modified: August 14, 2020

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